Amphray is an excellent sourcing partner for products from India . The company can also source specialized products from China and Europe . Based on its extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Amphray sources only superior quality products; and its expertise in distribution and logistics ensures speedy and timely delivery of goods. With an impeccable market record of honoring commitments irrespective of market fluctuations, Amphray is clearly your ‘best choice' for a Sourcing Partner in India.

The company is keen to partner with suppliers/ vendors of high quality raw materials for supply to Amphray's manufacturing units. Regularly sourced raw materials include:

Iodine Prills/Flakes Min. 99.5%
8 Hydroxyquinoline Min. 99.5%
Piperazine Techincal(Aqueous) 68%/Diethylene Diamine
Adipic Acid
Formic Acid 85%
Potassium Hydroxide Min. 90% Flakes

Citric Acid Monohydrate/Citric Acid Anhydrous

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