Paracetamol / Acetaminophen

Amphray was the first Indian Company to have the US Drug Master File for Acetaminophen. Some of the Drug Master Files for Paracetamol in its possession are -

- Drug Master File No. 5910 of FDA, USA for Acetaminophen USP
- DMF No. 1028 from Netherlands
- DMF No. TT60-243-13-1 from New Zealand and Taiwan
- Certificate of Suitability, Registration No. CEP-96-56 for the European Community

Code Name Quality Packing CAS H.S.Code
 A 001 Acetaminophen USP 50 Kg. Drums 103-90-2 29222933
 P 013 Paracetamol BP/EP 50 Kg. Drums 103-90-2 29222933